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Granger Plastics Company is an internationally recognized rotational molding company specializing in superior design and manufacturing. Granger has produced custom products for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, medical, agricultural, material handling and many more. With full manufacturing capabilities, Granger is a rotational molder able to carry an idea from inception through design, manufacturing and order fulfillment.

Why Rotational Molding?

Rotational molding is one of many plastic processes which includes the utilization of a mold and using it to mold resins into a part or product via heat transfer. It produces extremely durable parts with a very long lifespan and can be used for small to large quantities. Many materials can be roto-molded and polyethylene is by far the most commonly used material. Design is essential to successful part production. Granger Plastics Company is an authority in rotational molding and can help you determine if this process is the right one to produce your part.

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What does rotomolding involve?

Many products manufactured by rotational molding have a multi-step process, often including trim work, assembly, foam filling, packaging and more. Below you can watch a video of the Granger ISS In-ground tornado shelter being manufactured, outlining the process of rotational molding. See material being loaded into the mold, parts being cooked in the oven and then removed from the mold, as well assembly and finishing stages.

Granger ISS Tornado Shelter Manufacturing

Rotational Molding Process

Learn detailed information and specifics about the rotomolding process and what it requires! Click the image below to watch the rotational molding process video as Alli explains the intricacies and nuances of rotational molding!

Custom Rotational Molding

Granger Plastics is well versed in providing a wide range of high quality, custom rotationally molded solutions to a wide variety of industries! Being one of the only independently owned rotational molders in the world with a concentration on custom rotational molding, allows Granger to maintain a detailed focus on its custom rotomolding clients. With expectation exceeding solutions to customers extending from some of the largest names in Aerospace, Agriculture, Defense and more, Granger continues to grow in international recognition and accolades. Click the link below to watch the video to learn more details about what is typically required to get your custom rotomolding project into full scale production with one of the world's best!

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Granger Industries

The Granger Plastics Company

Your complete custom rotational molding expert

Granger Plastics Company has a long tradition of excellence spanning 20 years offering full service custom rotational molding design and manufacturing. Founded by one of the legendary names of rotational molding and under the design and leadership of Jim Cravens since 2002, Granger is capable of taking an idea through development and into production seamlessly and efficiently. Specializing in solution based design work and large, complex part experts, Granger is capable of any size of production. Learn more about Grangers Rotomolding operations here.

The Granger ISS- In-ground Safety Shelter

America's leading Tornado Shelter

Providing safety and peace of mind to families across America the Granger ISS is the longest lasting, lowest maintenance, easiest way to protect your family from weather and other emergencies. Innovative design allows for many benefits including no anchoring, no leaking and no reason worry about high water tables or tight installations. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter is leading the way to a safer tomorrow through accessible protection.

Granger ISS Storm Shelter on The Weather Channel

Granger ISS Tornado Shelter on HouseSmarts TV

Granger ISS Underground Shelter on The List

Granger Aerospace Products

The easy way to more efficient flight

Saving money on the cost of air freight is not easy. The rotationally molded ULD Containers by Granger Aerospace provide huge savings in cost of ownership due to their one piece polyethylene body which offers extraordinary durability and ease of repair.

Granger Aerospace Products received TSO authorization in 2013 and brought its revolutionary line of ULDs to market including LD 2, LD 3 and LD 8 containers. The containers are all staples in the air cargo and commercial airline industries.

TSO C90d Authorization for Granger Plastics
Granger Plastics TSO C90d
TSO C90d Authorization for Granger Plastics
Granger Plastics 2nd TSO C90d Authorization

The polyethylene construction of the Granger ULD offers a longer lifespan and significantly lower maintenance costs. This reduces overall operating costs and time lost for repairs.  Changing from the current materials of fiberglass, aluminum or sometimes polycarbonate may also offer savings in other areas. The lighter weight and more durable design also saves in fuel burn over some current air cargo containers.

Granger Aerospace Products ULD Containers are available in standard colors as well as can be special ordered in unlimited hues for easy identification and branding.  All available Air Cargo Containerss are offered in a flat bottom design as well as with forklift pockets and have a number of customizable features. Custom rotational molding and design services are available for specialty cargo containers. Many businesses in this industry are urgently looking for changes that will use resources most economically. Granger Aerospace has the knowledge and experience to offer many cost saving solutions.

ForeverSafe Theft Deterrent Cemetery Products

Protect your loved ones with ForeverSafe

ForeverSafe Products is a theft deterrent alternative to expensive metal created for those who have been affected by theft in a cemetery or are protecting the memorial of a loved one from that possibility. Beautifully rotationally molded polyethylene is given the look of bronze or granite to blend with other materials in the cemetery. While much lighter than metal or stone when picked up, to the passing eye ForeverSafe Products blend seamlessly. Extremely durable permanent, replacement, or temporary cemetery flower vases and a full line of urns are available.

ForeverSafe Occasional Vase V.S. A Weed Eater


High Quality Rotational Molding Supplier

Granger Plastics Company has a 20 year legacy in designing and manufacturing the highest quality rotationally molded parts available. Any of the products manufactured by Granger is held to the highest standards of excellence which is the very foundation of this company. “Solutions Beyond Expectations” is the motto of the cutting edge work Granger Plastics Company, Granger Aerospace Products. ForeverSafe Products and the Granger ISS is dedicated to in all pursuits. Granger Plastics is constantly innovating and developing its products and is recognized around the world for both custom manufacturing capabilities as well as its proprietary items.

With decades of experience in all aspects of rotational molding design, mold fabrication, manufacturing and order fulfillment Granger Plastics Company is your one stop for all roto-molding needs. Full service facilities offer engineering staff for design work, metals shop with mold making and repair abilities, all housed in one of the most capable manufacturing facilities in America. Accepting work of all sizes, in all stages and with any technical challenge, anyone who is considering rotationally molding a product can gain insight by contacting Granger Plastics Company for a quote. For more information about any of our product lines or for information regarding custom rotational molding services please contact 866-510-9701 or 513-424-1955.



  • Rotomolding Tooling being built, Rotational Molding Tooling

    Rotational Molding Tooling

    Rotationally molded items require a mold or a tool to produce. While prototypes can be easily mapped out using a variety of processes, production projects must have tooling designed and produced to materialize. Tooling varies greatly in cost and time to produce before manufacturing can begin. Contact Granger Plastics for a complete quote including tooling costs.

  • Rotomolding Design, Rotational Molding Design

    Rotomolding Design

    Design for rotational molding requires knowledge of the process and its many variables. The nature of this application requires certain design elements to be implemented in order to produce the most reliable parts. Granger Plastics Company leads the industry in groundbreaking innovation in rotomolding design.

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