Curb Drains

The J Drain Curb Drain is the latest innovation in thru the curb (or under the sidewalk) curb drain systems. Featuring durable polymer construction via the rotational molding process, the curb drain offers long lasting curb appeal with easy installation! Whether its a new curb or repairing a chipped, cracked or misaligned cub, the J Drain Curb drain by Granger Plastics offers simple installation that allows for substantial savings in time, materials and effort!

Curb Drain, Thru The Sidewalk Drain, Under Sidewalk Drain
Curb Drain, Thru The Sidewalk Drain, Under Sidewalk Drain
Installed Curb Drain, Installed J Drain, Thru The Curb Drain
Installed J Drain Curb Drain

Eliminate unsightly cracking, chipping or bowing curbs!

Once concrete curbs start to deteriorate, they end up looking terrible in front of your home or business. Sometimes, the detriment of the visual drainpipe could result in a possibly dangerous situation by developing a tripping or falling hazard, a possible means to injure a pedestrian or playing child or perhaps damage an automobile or car by extending into the roadway. The J Drain Curb Drain by Granger Plastics eliminates the fears of rusting or dangerous steel piping with its rotationally molded produced curb drain.

Cracked curb drain
Cracking, rusting, dilapidated Steel Curb Drain

Easy Installation!

Reduce your expenses and labor with Granger's J Drain Curb Drain! Not only does the J Drain Curb Drain by Granger provide a longer lifespan than most thru the curb drain systems, it requires drastically less work to install!

Cracked curb drain

Eliminate the need for messy forms and long hours of potentially back breaking labor, the J Drain Curb Drain from Granger installs easier and faster!

Curb Drain Features:

  • Available in attractive decorative colors
  • Easy installation
  • Will not rust like steel counterparts
  • Safer than PVC counterparts
  • Better resistance to UV than PVC drains
  • Connects to a number of off the shelf connections


Available in Colors!

Now offering the J Drain Curb Drain by Granger Plastics in a variety of attractive looks! Available in Solid Grey, Grey Granite, Terra Cotta, Black and Forest Green. Custom colors available in larger quantity orders. Please call or contact for more information.

Grey Curb Drain, Grey J Drain Curb Drain by Granger


Grey Granite Curb Drain, Grey Granite J Drain Curb Drain by Granger

Grey Granite

Terra Cotta Curb Drain, Terra Cotta J Drain Curb Drain by Granger

Terra Cotta

Black Curb Drain, Black J Drain Curb Drain by Granger


Forest Green Curb Drain, Forest Green J Drain Curb Drain by Granger

Forest Green

Curb Drain Dimensions

Curb Drain, J Drain, Thru The Curb Drain, Dimensions, Curb Drain Dimensions

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