Custom Rotational Molding

Custom Rotational Molding Process

Custom Rotational Molding is a service provided by Granger Plastics Company, providing high quality rotationally molded solutions to a large number of OEMs and manufacturers, from a multitude of complex and diverse industries such as Defense, Aerospace, Material Handling, Transportation, Drainage, Waste Management and so much more!

Watch as Alli from Granger Plastics explains the steps involving a custom rotomolding project and explains each step in further detail!

Custom Rotomolding Process

The custom rotational molding process to launch a new product or project entails a number of steps required to make sure that success is acheived right out of the gate, providing a high quality product in a cost effective, timely fashion. Learn more about each of the necessary steps below.

Product Consultation

Most custom jobs start with a conversation, inquiry or meeting with the staff at Granger Plastics to determine the exact needs of the part, the environment the product will be used in and if the rotational molding process is suitable as the manufacturing choice. Any drawings, specifications, design ideas or operating criteria is usually submitted at this point in the process for consideration and quotes for tooling for rotational molding can be obtained or estimated.

Rotational Molding Design

The design process reuires an engineer or an engineering team with specialized rotomolding experience. A custom rotational molding company should have engineers on staff that can analyze the product concept or drawings to make sure the submitted design will work as an rotationally molded part and the tooling can be produced in an optimum fashion while achieving all of the design criteria. They will analyze the use of the product to be manufactured such as load bearing needs, environmental stresses, operating temperatures or various other specifications and considerations that may be unique to the application. A final design will be drafted and a mold for the rotomolding process will be produced from this design.


The design process of a rotationally molded product is critical to determining the best method of achieving the tooling in a timely, cost effective fashion. The design specifications will typically determine whether the tooling is fabricated, cast or even machined. While most quality rotomolders understand that aluminum is generally the best choice of material to produce molds for rotational molding, some will elect to build tooling out of steel. Tooling can take weeks or months to be produced and the engineers and the metals workers will work closely together to execute the design of the product. Finding a rotational molder that operates an in-house mold shop in effort to not only produce the tooling, but with the capability to maintain the tooling will drastically speed up the process of building the tooling or repairing the tooling if/when maintenance is required. An in-house mold shop can also help ensure that adjustments and modifications to the tooling are completed in a timely manner.


One the tooling for the product is complete the steps to production manufacturing may begin. Research and development may include trial cycles to zero in on the optimum cook and cool cycle to produce a high quality rotationally molded product or component. Once the perfect cycle is developed and the mold is properly seasoned with release, the true manufacturing cycle can begin.

Developing a custom rotationally molded part requires skill and attention at each step of the process and finding a rotational molder able to complete the process from beginng to end can save time and money. For your custom rotational molding needs, contact Granger Plastics at (513) 424-1955!

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  • Rotomolding Tooling being built, Rotational Molding Tooling

    Rotational Molding Tooling

    Rotationally molded items require a mold or a tool to produce. While prototypes can be easily mapped out using a variety of processes, production projects must have tooling designed and produced to materialize. Tooling varies greatly in cost and time to produce before manufacturing can begin. Contact Granger Plastics for a complete quote including tooling costs.

  • Rotomolding Design, Rotational Molding Design

    Rotomolding Design

    Design for rotational molding requires knowledge of the process and its many variables. The nature of this application requires certain design elements to be implemented in order to produce the most reliable parts. Granger Plastics Company leads the industry in groundbreaking innovation in rotomolding design.

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