Wauk Board Spineboard

The Wauk Board makes transporting patients safer and easier. The unique dolly feature of this spine board allows one first responder to transfer a patient when manpower is limited! There are other special functional features the Wauk Board offers including the ability to roll a patient rather than carry a patient, limiting back injuries for career first responders, allows first responders to remove patients from restricted areas and prevents patient movement during transport.

Unique design lends itself to use in mass casualty events where manpower may be less than patients in need of transport. Allowing for a single first responder to safely and effectively transport a patient by themselves is a design quality that could benefit many. In the video below see this innovative design in action during a mass casualty training event.

Spineboard Mass Casualty Demo

This backboard comes completely assembled including foot rest that folds flush when not in use and two 3” diameter wheels. When the WauK Board does not have footrest in use it serves as a standard spine board and fits into standard backboard storage cabinet. Other attributes of the WauK Board spineboard include X-ray translucent, lightweight, rigid, floatable, impervious to body fluids and easily decontaminated. The WauK Board is rotationally molded from durable polyethylene and foam filled for added rigidity.

Spineboard Video

Wauk Board Dimensions

  • Overall board length 78”
  • Length from top of foot rest to head of board 73”
  • Board width 18”
  • Board thickness 2”
  • Board thickness at wheels 3 ½”
  • Wauk Board Features

  • Foam filled cavity to give board additional strength and endurance
  • Two 3” diameter wheels at the foot for smooth transport
  • Retractable, built-in foot rest for easy opening when in use and closing when not in use
  • X-ray translucent & MRI compatible
  • Wauk Board Spine Board Information

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    Wauk Board, Spine Board Sales Sheet, Spinal Board


    Wauk Board Instructions(PDF Download)


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    Wauk Board Spine Board Info

    Wauk Board, Spine Board Sales Sheet, Spinal Board

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