20 Bushel Laundry Carts & Recycling Carts

The Granger Plastics 20 Bushel Cart is molded from a polyethylene material, which yields long lasting, durable parts. Laundry carts made of metal or canvas will eventually need to be replaced after a short period of time, but a poly cart will have more strength and durability to continually be used. There is a couple of material options to choose from, recycled material for the environment conscious or food grade natural. Along with these material options there are a variety of colors to choose from, whether it is to match your company or school or simply for coloring coding for specific jobs, Granger Plastics can provide for your needs.

Bushel Carts together, 16 Bushel Cart, 20 Bushel Cart

Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, and Commercial laundries, are just several among the many facilities that utilize poly laundry carts. Laundry Carts, which are rotationally molded by Granger Plastics, are extremely durable and have been designed to have an extended lifetime of use. These carts are more functional than ever before, with a variety of applications ranging from laundry, housework or extreme material handling conditions. Granger Plastics offers a selection of different sizes of laundry carts, which can be found below:

  • 16 Cubic Foot Cart (12.8 Bushels)
  • 16 Bushel Carts
  • 20 Bushel Carts
  • Over the years Granger Plastics has used a metal base for all laundry carts, but recently created a new design that would help save money and create more of a durable base. Molded from the same polyethylene as the cart itself, the base is molded and before getting assembled to the cart the base is foam filled, which is added for the durability. Casters can then be assembled thru the base, which come in swivel, rigid or both to provide easier maneuverability as well as providing proper movement to create the highest efficiency and functionality in the workplace.

    canvas laundry cart

    Don't let dirty, tattered canvas laundry carts risk your company's image or reputation!


    20 Bushel Laundry Cart Dimensions

    • Capacity (Pounds) 600
    • 25 Cubic Ft. Capacity
    • Outside Top 51" L x 34" W
    • Bottom ID 45"L x 29"W
    • Overall Height 39" (with 5" casters and poly foam filled base)

    20 Bushel Cart Features

    • Nestable
    • Easily cleanable, no sharp corners
    • 5" caster standard
    • Available in USDA/FDA approved materials & recycled materials
    • Chemically resistant- Call for chemical compatible list
    • Colors at no extra cost! (Minimum Quantities apply)
    • Available with a wide range of drains and fittings
    • Available with anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection
    • Capacity (Pounds) 600
    • 25 Cubic Ft. Capacity
    • Outside Top 51" L x 34" W
    • Bottom ID 45"L x 29"W
    • Overall Height 39" (with 5" casters and poly foam filled base)

    20 Bushel Laundry Cart Video

    See the 16 & 20 bushel laundry carts manufactured by Granger Plastics in action, as it displays its ease of handling and multi-purpose function. The carts feature smooth interior walls, which allow for easy cleaning and no snagging of the laundry or linens in the cart. The 16 & 20 bushel laundry carts also feature an industry leading .220" wall thickness, that add for extra heavy duty laundry cart use!

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    20 Bushel Laundry Cart
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    20 Bushel Laundry Cart Info

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